Smithy Courses

Welcome to Valley Blacksmith Courses where you can book a day's tuition to experience forging hot metal using this ancient craft.


We have taught people of all ages, men, women, girls, boys from 14 to 80 years old! We have also had the pleasure of introducing this exciting skill to people with learning difficulties (colour blind, OCD, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism) and people with limited physical ability who have had a burning desire to forge and shape hot steel.


Daren Lamberton has over 20 years of experience in forgework practice and has been actively incorporating this craft course service into his business for the last 5 years. Each student who comes onto the course is assessed on their individual character traits so we can work with what's best for them on what would be suitable for them to make to get the best out of the day. For example, Maxine, a highly capable technology professional was excellent at picking up the skill techniques but her hand and wrist strength was restrictive as to what she could physically achieve in the day. So using observational learning techniques she could continue being involved in the creative process from start to finish with us filling in the gaps with regards to the heavy hammer work.


All our students get to make something functional and beautiful to take home and be very proud of.


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Price: £160.00 per person per day (9.30am-4pm) / £80.00 per person per half a day (9.30am - 1pm)


Please ring Daren on 07766 080 436 to book or request prices for group bookings.


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Mobile: 07766 080 436


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